The Jonas Brothers Plan Out Kevin's 'Minute To Win It' Strategy

Kevin Jonas' big appearance on "Minute To Win It" is slated to air tonight on NBC at 8p.m. EST/7p.m. central. And, the brothers Jonas say that Kevin really worked hard on his skills before he taped the episode of the show, where he played for the Change for the Children charity.

So, does Kevin think he could go for the possible $1 million prize?

"There are some crazy, crazy games and I'm really excited about 'Minute to Win It.' I love that game show. I started watching it and I get so pumped up watching the show that I'm like 'I want to do this!'" he told MTV News about his pre-taped appearance. "I'm gonna do it for charity and I think its going to be really, really awesome."

So, what is the eldest Jonas Brothers' strategy to win the show and help out his charity? "My strategy is to win," he joked. "And to know I'm going to win." We sure hope so! And it seems like he has his brothers on his side. Both Joe and Nick, who was in the audience for the episode, added, "We're rooting for him!"

Want to know how well Kevin did? Check out the episode tonight!