'Letters To Juliet' Star Christopher Egan Dons Our Hump Day Hottie Crown

We told Gael Garcia Bernal being a Hump Day Hottie only lasts one week, and to make matters worse he's been ousted from the Hump Day Hottie hot spot by his "Letters to Juliet" co-star, the equally adorable, Christopher Egan.

Press play on the video below to see more of Christopher, and then keep reading for more details about him!

Vital Stats: This 24-year-old Aussie grew up near Sydney alongside his three brothers. He did theater back home and trained in gymnastics at the KICK Performance Group in Sydney. He even partook in eisteddfods. What are those, you ask? It's a Welsh festival of literature, music and performance. Hot!

Even hotter, is Christopher in person! He seemed excited to be this week's HDH when we broke the news. "Thank you I appreciate that. It's an honor. Awesome." And, he even dished on what it takes to catch his eye: "Sense of humor," he insisted. "A girl who doesn't take themselves too seriously And someone who is spontaneous. They're the three things for me that really attract me to a girl."

Where you might have already seen him: He got his start on the Aussie soap "Home and Away" and before long he was cast in a number of flicks like "Eragon" and "Resident Evil: Extinction." And American audiences really took note of Mr. Egan on his short-lived TV show, "Kings."

Why you should take notice of him now: He's starring in this week's choice chick flick, "Letters To Juliet," alongside the lovely Amanda Seyfried, HDH-competition Gael and the legendary Vanessa Redgrave, who plays his grandma in the flick. While we won't spoil if Charlie and Amanda's Sophie end up together, we do know the flick is worth your time. He's charming in it ... a charming jerk.

But if you think he's a little too good at playing the sometimes unromantic Charlie in the flick, Christopher assured us he's nothing like that in real life. "I'm pretty opposite to Charlie, which is why I had so much playing him. To bring that jerk out and to be so nasty like that is fun," he told MTV News, adding just how strong his romantic capabilities are.

"I've done a road trip across Italy with a girlfriend, and that was very romantic," he revealed. "I think that road trips are probably one of the romantic things you can do. To take your girlfriend and just stay wherever; don't have a destination and just drive and see where the road takes you is pretty cool."

Until next week, when we chose another Hump Day Hottie, you can salute Christopher by pressing play on the video above!