'Glee' Recap: Episode 18 'Laryngitis'

Last nights episode of "Glee" was titled "Laryngitis," but it could have just as well been called "Lost." No, there wasn't any time travel going on nor any smoke monsters roaming the halls of McKinley High School, but there certainly were a few lost souls.

The first to face an identity crisis was Puck, who had to shave his trademark Mohawk to get a mole checked out. He quickly fell down the social ladder and, literally, into the dumpster. Quickly realizing he must find a way to get his tough guy status back, he makes a move (he is a sex shark, after all) on now-popular Mercedes. After a swoony rendition of Sammy Davis Jr.'s "The Lady Is a Tramp," Mercedes buys into the seduction (c'mon, it would be hard not to!).

Despite Quinn's warning that Santana wouldn't take well to the fact that Puck may now be off the market, Mercedes still proceeded, even though she knew she was being used by him. The result was a viciously great sing-off between the two girls to Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine," Puck getting his mojo back, and Mercedes quitting (!) the Cheerios.

On the other end of the rehearsal room, Rachel freaked when she came down with a nasty case of laryngitis. After an uncharacteristically bad turn doing Miley Cyrus' "The Climb," Rachel discovers that she has a serious infection that may cause her to never sing again! Finn, whose love just keeps growing stronger for Rachel, warns her that Jesse (who's away on vacation) will bail when he discovers shes now a vocal cripple.

Cue Rick Springfield's 80s pop classic "Jessies Girl"! OK, so this one was sort of predictable, but it was too cute for us to care. Crushing aside, Finn was also out to teach Rachel, who cried that she is like Tinkerbell and needs applause to live, an overdue lesson in humility. So, he introduces her to his friend from football camp, Sean, who lost his promising career to a spinal injury. Now paralyzed from the neck down, Sean bravely admitted he is angry every day for what happened to him, but along the way discovered he had other talents and hobbies, including singing. While Rachel was lucky enough to bounce back from her scare, the whole experience wasn't lost on her. She even came back to give Sean vocal lessons and the two share a touching rendition of U2's "One." We didn't have laryngitis, but that one certainly put a lump in our throats.

Kurt also made a pretty profound discovery last night — his envy of his father's growing bond with Finn took him straight to Sue, who suggested that he should change. In the biggest LOL of the night Sue told a concerned Kurt, "So you like show tunes? That doesn't mean you're gay. That just means you're awful." So Kurt — gasp! — put on flannel, made out with Brittany, and sang John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses" (turns out, it's not about interior design!)

Still, no matter how much his father reassured him he loves him just as he is, he was once again crushed when Finn got another night out, leaving Kurt to pour his feelings into "Rose's Turn" from the musical "Gypsy." Dad caught Kurt amid this emotional moment and promised to love and fight for him no matter what ... awwww! While "Glee" is never short on lessons, Kurt's especially seemed as poignant as ever.

What did you think of last nights episode, Gleeks? Will Mercedes leave the Cheerios for good? Will Rachel and Finn ever get back together? Do you agree with Puck that Super Mario Brothers 3 changed the world? Let us know!