'Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari Says She Will 'Date' This Season, Dishes On Brody's New Girl Micaela

By George Loomis

Remember all the (not so) tantalizing discussions Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby shared before their romance finally fizzled out? Turns out Audrina wasn’t the only “Hills” star sharing little in common with Justin, because newly single Kristin Cavallari admits her and Justin’s differences contributed to their breakup.

“That’s over. It’s done. It didn’t go very far,” Kristin said of her Justin Bobby fling. “I don’t think anyone’s to blame for it. I think we’re two completely different people. I mean at the end of the day we really have nothing in common.”

Kristin’s heart will see brighter days, though, so don’t label her unlucky in love! Kristin’s undeniable chemistry with Brody Jenner is sure to keep “Hills” fans captivated all season long. Naturally that leads us to more important questions, like will they or won’t they get back together? It won’t be so easy with newbie Micaela in the way.

“Micaela is new to L.A., actually,” Kristin dished regarding Brody’s new flame. “But funny enough, she’s sorority sisters with Lo ... Brody and I have been hanging out a little bit. We have amazing chemistry, so we have a great time together. But I don’t know. I don’t know if we could ever really get back together, but Micaela’s a girl that Brody started dating.”

And Kristin isn’t exactly sitting around the house waiting for Brody to call.

“I do … date this season, actually,” Kristin said of her active love life. “There are some good dates and there are some bad dates, which are great for TV!”

Who do you think Kristin should end up with? Is her break-up with JB the perfect catalyst for the rekindling of Krody? Who are you most excited to see Kristin with in “The Hills: Final Season”?