Kristen Wiig: We're Obsessing Over The 'SNL' And 'MacGruber' Star In This Week's Girl Crush

By Tina Warren

If laughter is the key to happiness then this weeks Girl Crush has the key to our hearts! Every Saturday night, this chick puts herself all out there just for the simple pleasure of making us laugh hysterically. And since we still have "Saturday Night Live" on our brains because of Betty White’s momentous performance, we just had to choose Kristen Wiig as this weeks Girl Crush!

Since 2005, Kristen has dominated her "SNL" comedy sketches. No matter what she appears in, she gives it her all. She personifies her subject in such a way that you can’t even recognize her sometimes and she’s definitely not afraid to be silly! Some of her most famous skits include: the one upper, the Target Lady, Suze Orman and compulsive liar Penelope … need we say more?

Some of her other skits include Gilly and, my personal favorite, the over-excited surprise party attendee. In one version of this skit, she tooks the attention far away from regular "SNL" guest Christopher Walken as she exclaims how excited she is for the surprise party. A seemingly simple skit is turned into a memorable comedic work of art as she spills the news of the party and crashes through the same window twice over a possible trip to the mall.

The TV isn’t the only place to see Kristen demonstrating her comedic ingenuity; she’s also a regular on the big screen, having appeared in “Extract” and “Whip It.” Now she’s bringing the famous "SNL" skit, "MacGruber" (starring Will Forte) to theaters May 21. The film, based comedically off of the famous MacGyver, also stars Ryan Phillippe and Val Kilmer.

Thanks for making us laugh Kristen, we wouldn’t want it any other way.