'Breaking Dawn' Cast Negotiations: If Ashley Greene Is Out, Who Could Replace Her?

Alice CullenBad news, "Twilight" fans: it looks like Summit and the secondary cast of "Breaking Dawn" are playing some serious salary negotiation hardball, and it probably won't end up well for those looking for a lot more money. The Hollywood Reporter got the scoop that, while Summit is willing to negotiate a bigger paychecks for its leading men and lady (Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner), but named Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz as two of the young stars that are looking to amp up their income significantly.

So what would "Breaking Dawn's" now almost certainly-two-installments be like without Ashley and Kellan? Probably like "Iron Man 2" with Don Cheadle instead of Terrance Howard, or "Eclipse" with Bryce Dallas Howard instead of Rachelle Lefevre. Let us make this absolutely clear: the last thing we want are the roles of Alice and Emmett Cullen recast, but Summit has shown that they can be ruthless about casting and money in the past.

If Ashley gets the cut, here are some other young actresses we'd hope would be able to fill that gap in the film. Expect another post in the near future with suggested replacements for Kellan.

Lucy HaleLucy Hale

While she isn't a big name, Lucy Hale had auditioned for the role of Alice Cullen back in the day, and we think she is young enough at age 20 and looks similar enough to Ashley Greene that the torch could be passed without too many non-Twilighters noticing the difference.

Olivia Thirlby

OliviaThis young indie actress is one of our personal favorites, and apparently a fan favorite as well. We know for sure Olivia Thirlby would have the acting chops to play the role of Alice, but we not sure if — how do we put this? — she's "spritely" enough to pull it off. Also, she's a bit tall to play the very tiny psychic vampire.

Rachael Leigh Cook

RachaelOK, so Rachael Leigh Cook is still way too old to play Alice, but she was the only actress Stephenie Meyer could think of when she wrote the character. At age 31, Rachael still looks like a much younger woman, and we think she could definitely pull off Alice. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if something along these lines did end up happening because Summit could probably negotiate her contract for pretty cheap (where has she been for the past 10 years?) and, like they did with Bryce Dallas Howard, Summit could use this opportunity to cast the actress they wanted at the beginning.

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What do you think about all of this news? Would you rather just see one "Breaking Dawn" instead of two to make sure the original cast stays in tact? Let us know below!