'Glee' Star Chris Colfer Is 'Exhausted' But Ready To Hit Live Tour: 'Everything We Do Has Purpose'

Chris ColferWith just four more days until the cast of "Glee" hits the road for their tour, we couldn't just wait any longer to get some deets! Hollywood Crush spoke with Chris Colfer a few weeks ago about New Directions' upcoming field trip in the very merry month of May. While Chris couldn't spill too many details about the shows (which will feature dance group The LXD), he did tell us, we could expect, "The fan favorite songs, some solo songs, and songs you haven’t heard yet in yet-to-be aired episodes."

Between a hit TV show, recording albums, and gearing up for the jam-packed two-week tour, we couldn't help but wonder: do the cast of "Glee" ever rest? "I haven’t slept since November. They give us these great pills that secret agents have that keeps you going for long periods of time,” Chris joked.

He said he and his "Glee"-mates have all experienced "several times when we are exhausted and could almost fall asleep," but keeps doing it for the fans. "I think everything we do has so much purpose."

In addition to their non-stop schedules, the cast and crew have also come across the likes of President Barack Obama and Oprah. We just had to ask, who could possibly be next? Chris joked, "I think the Pope is next. And I'm sure he's a huge "Glee" fan! He's probably a die-hard 'Kurt-sy,' as I call my fans. So, the Pope and after that, maybe the Queen. I think that's all that's left."

Will you be seeing the "Glee" cast on tour? What songs do you hope to hear?