The Twitter Hack Stuns Celebrities In Today's Tweet Dreams

Ashton KutcherTwitterpocalype, Twittergeddon, whatever you want to call it, had the entire Twitterverse in a tailspin when a hacker made it so tweeters everywhere went un-followed and allowed others to "force" follows. Confused? Ashton Kutcher (pictured) cleared things up, posting around 1 p.m. EST, "twitter is being hacked by some turkish hacker. haha I have 0 followers." While Stacy Keibler saw the bright side of things, tweeting, "People are freaking out about Twitter followers going to zero. I look at it like this: Right now, I have just as many followers as @aplusk!" Kim Kardashian was one of the many stars who had trouble dealing with the Twitter bug aftermath, writing, "Someone hacked my twitter account and direct messaged me! They have added over 200 new people! Ughhhhh."

The hacker certainly got an earful from celebs like Justin Bieber who sent a fair warning, "u have now pissed off over 2 million teenage girls. They are more dangerous than Navy Seals." Elsewhere, Jim Carrey pondered, "Imagine if this hacker put his/her talent 2 some worthy use. They could 1 day have more than a false sense of superiority."

Check out the rest of your favorite famous tweeters reactions to the social networking meltdown, from Michelle Branch's hilarious theory to Tori Spelling's heart-wrenching realization. Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!

@chriscolfer There has been a twitter glitch, also known as a twitch

-Chris Colfer, Actor ("Glee")

@michellebranch Is this all part of the finale of Lost?

-Michelle Branch, Musician

@sarabareilles Oh my gosh! Twitter's been Hacked!!!!! CALL IRONMAN.

-Sara Bareilles, Musician

@joejonas Wait.. So this means I have to "talk" to my friends... :^/

-Joe Jonas, Musician

@torianddean OMG! NOOOO. Twitter says I have 0 followers! I think I just lost my heart into my toes...

-Tori Spelling, Actress, Reality Star ("Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood")

@iamdiddy I feel so lonley!!!!! Lol :) come back soon. I can't live without yall!!! :( can somebody send me some followers pls lol :). Let's go!!!,

-Sean "Diddy" Combs, Rapper, Actor ("Get Him To The Greek")

@jordansblog I semi feel like I'm back in Middle school with no friends...

-Jordan Pruitt, Singer

@simonpegg I was all like guys? Guys? GUYS? Ha ha ha. That's funny right? That I thought I was alone. That's funny isn't it guys? Guys? GUYS?!!

-Simon Pegg, Actor ("Star Trek")

@davidabwilliams Yes. my followers are back. im crying happy tears...

-Davida Williams, Actress ("Lizzie McGuire," "As The World Turns")

@markhoppus People freak out more when twitter crashes than the stock market. Next up: Senate Hearings on the Great Crash of 2010.

-Mark Hoppus, Musician (blink182)

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