Christina Aguilera's Thanks 'Burlesque' For Inspiring Her Dance Moves In 'Not Myself Tonight' Video

ChristinaBy Cristina Ramos

Nothing has prevented the sultry Christina Aguilera from dominating the top of the music charts, stemming from her vocals to her undeniable stage presence. And now X-Tina can add dancing to that list, with her new music video “Not Myself Tonight,” which comes nothing short of that “wow” factor. But her sudden explosion of a dancer’s eminence didn’t just fall from the sky and into her lap — she’s been practicing. Relying on a whole new genre of performing arts by starring in her first feature film, “Burlesque,” she’s been inspired to try a new outlook on her music videos.

"I never was as passionate about dancing, per se," Christina said. "But after 'Burlesque,' I really fell in love and I adapted that in the dancing for 'Not Myself Tonight,' but it was really, really fun to take what I learned from the movie."

Starring alongside Cher (the diva among diva’s), and “Twilight” star, Cam Gigandet in the film (out at Thanksgiving time), Christina had a lot of motivation to up her skills on the dance floor, something that she’s now come to appreciate. "Dancing always came sort of secondary to me. Vocals were my first love and where my heart really was,” she told MTV News. "I learned so much also as a dancer doing the 'Burlesque' film, moving my body in ways that were, I feel, never as precise before.”

If the dominatrix outfits and sexy prowls of her new video stemmed from her “Burlesque” project, I wonder what she has in store for her next collaboration with Miss Dirty girl herself, Nicki Minaj, on their next “kitty cat” single “WooHoo.”

What do did you think of Christina's new video? Are you excited to see her in "Burlesque"?

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