'Eclipse' Stars On 'Oprah' Update: New Photo From Taping + Robert Pattinson Visits Fans At Home

From People MagAnd here we were thinking the lucky ones were the people invited to the taping of last week's "Eclipse"-themed episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

According to People magazine, Oprah gave one family a gift beyond what they could have possibly imagined: RPattz delivered to their doorstep.

Maria Mele had apparently sent in a photo of her family, who look a lot like the Cullens, when Oprah requested fans submit stories about how "Twilight" had changed their life. The initial response was not tickets as they had hoped, but a chance to Skype with Oprah from their Naperville, Ill. home. When the scheduled time for the Skype chat came, Maria and her family were instead surprised by Robert Parttinson walking into their house.

Oprah"[My family and I] all lost it," she told People "[We were] screaming like a bunch of maniacs. We were all amazed that he was in our house." She added, "Robert was genuinely happy to fulfill our dream. I still can't believe it."

Rob hung out with the Mele's for about 10 minutes before Maria found out she and her family did end up getting tickets to the show.

"It's something we will never forget," Maria said. "I have to say although Oprah and Robert were great, hearing my kids say 'thanks for making this happen' [was] absolutely priceless."

Also appearing on the Internet today, thanks to an exclusive on the "Twilight" Facebook page, was a cast shot from the set of Oprah's May 13th episode. Get excited folks!!

Does it make you happy that Oprah went so above and beyond to please "Twilight" fans? Does this make you any less jealous of the people who were just invited to the taping?

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