'True Blood': The 'Hunt Begins' With A First Look At Season 3's Wolves

"True Blood" isn't your teenage daughter's vampire story, and this third season is doing its best to prove it by using real wolves as the shapeshifted versions of their werewolves. No larger-than-life CGI in HBO's neck of the woods.

Thanks to a new featurette (see it after the jump!), we're getting our first look at those wolves in action. Titled "The Hunt Begins," the newest promo runs 14 seconds long and is just a close up of a wolf who we are assuming is supposed to be Sookie's hairy potential love interest, Alcide.

TrueBloodNet.com references an interview that Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide, did with TV Guide in which he talks about the wolf who also plays the "wolf" version of Alcide, named Thunder. "He is the grumpiest wolf, kind of like Alcide," Joe said. Well at least acting wolves know how to get in character, too!

Stephen Moyer shared his own excitement with us about the chance to work with the furry creatures (press play below to hear more!) when we spoke with him early last month.

"I've been working with real wolves and I mean you don't get to do that very often," he shared. "We've got real wolves in the show amazing. They're beautiful and huge and wild and they feel like they're the size of lions. It's unbelievable."

We're glad we finally got to see it so we can actually believe it. Take that, Twilight's" CGI wolves!

How do you feel about this new promo? Are you glad "True Blood" is using real wolves instead of CGI for their werewolves?