Amanda Seyfried And Gael Garcia Bernal Talk Noodles In This 'Letters To Juliet' Clip

The original plan for Sophie's (Amanda Seyfried) Italian vacation with fiance Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal): to spend time with her each other before they get married — in fact, she dubs it a pre-honeymoon — and for Victor to collect food ideas his new Manhattan restaurant.

Of course, we all know thanks to the romantic dramedy's title, "Letters To Juliet," that while Victor is off bidding on wine and such, Sophie's adventure takes her on a journey to find long lost lovers. In the clip below — a scene that takes place before they leave for Verona — you can witness firsthand just how passionate Victor is about his food. "Moderately speaking, I think I'm creating a masterpiece," he brags of his noodles while his lady love can't get a word in edgewise. As adorable as we think Gael (he was our Hump Day Hottie last week after all!), er, victor, is, we can't blame Sophie for feeling a bit invisible!

Will you be seeing "Letters to Juliet" this Friday? Are you as big of a fan of pasta as Gael is?