'Twilight in Forks' EXCLUSIVE: A New, Longer Trailer And An iPad/iPod App

Great minds tend to think alike, and it seems everyone has been awed over the way Stephenie Meyer's massively popular vampire saga has saved the town of Forks, Wash. where she chose to set her books.

MTV News has been following the progress of the documentary "Twilight in Forks," from its early stages and now through the DVD's release on March 20, but now we have some more exclusive news that the creators have made an Apple app to go along with their documentary.

"We built an iPhone app for the fans of 'Twilight in Forks' and 'Twilight' fans generally," explained producer York Baur. "We're pleased to say that we've got downloads from all around the world. It's a free app that allows people to explore more about Forks and 'Twilight in Forks' as well."

Baur said that the feedback they have gotten from people watching the DVD and using the app is that they want more, more, more. They're going to share some of the unused footage from "Twilight in Forks" — such as other backstories and characters — and share it to those who have downloaded the app.

Above, you'll find our exclusive new, longer look at the film's trailer. "The trailer that's been out there is a shorter, one-minute trailer and the one we're releasing is a two-and-a-half-minute trailer," Baur explained. "It goes into a little bit more depth and has a bit of a different flavor then the more commercial-oriented one that's out there."

Jason Brown, the film's director, says of the clip, "I think fans will like it. It introduces some of the characters you don't see in the other trailer and gives you a different take on what you'll see in the film."

"We're trying to do one special feature in terms of video content per week," added Baur of the app. "But we'll also be sprinkling in some other things along the way, including photos from the film and production stills that we have as well as some music items along the way."

Have you already bought your copy of "Twilight in Forks"? Are you planning to download this new app?