'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev Answers Burning Question: Are Elena And Damon Meant To Be?

So, if you watched last night's totally intense, crazy-plot twist filled episode of "Vampire Diaries," then there's NO way you missed the part in which Isobel (Mia Kirshner) claims Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is in love with Elena (Nina Dobrev). That's right, LOVE.

Now, obviously Damon denied it, claiming instead that Elena was his "only friend" (so cute!), but that doesn't mean we're buying it. After all, these two have loads of chemistry and tons of underlying tension...something is BOUND to happen, right?

To get our answer, we went straight to the source and asked Nina what she thought about the relationship between Damon and Elena.

"Everyone wants what they can't have in some way, because it's unattainable," Nina explained to Hollywood Crush. "So right now, the fact that Elena and Damon aren't together is what's enticing, what people want." OK, guess we'll give her that one! Nina also added that the relationship between Damon and Elena isn't exactly stable (also true).

"The relationship that Elena and Damon have is so wishy-washy, up and down, all over the page," she said. Still, we think these two have come along way, and Nina apparently agrees.

"At first she hated him because he was killing everyone she knows, then she sort of started to understand him because she realized that every person has different qualities — good, bad, ups downs — and that everything he's doing, he's doing for his love. For Katherine, to get Katherine back. So there's a reason, it's not justified, but it's explained, it makes sense," she says with a laugh, "Well sort of."

Nina further elaborated that one of the things to really cement the bond between Elena with Damon was Stefan's human-blood drinking binge. "[Elena and Damon] got to know each other, and through Stefan's downward spiral, they were able to connect in a different kind of way."

The conclusion? "Right now they are just friends. I'm sorry to disappoint," she said with a sly, knowing smile. So, there you have it, Crushers: right now, it's just friendship. But of course, we all know "Vampire Diaries" loves a good twist, so let's just say we're not holding Nina to her word on this one!

What do you think about Nina's admissions? Do you want to see Elena and Damon together or do you like her chemistry with Stefan?