A 'Glee' Tour Announcement And A Star-Packed 'Funny Or Die' Video In Today's Tweet Dreams

Harry ShumDidn't think you could be more excited about the upcoming "Glee" tour? You clearly didn't hear the news around the Twitterverse today! Hold on to your hats, "Gleeks", The LXD better known as The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers will be joining the cast on the road, as the posted, "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! LXD and Glee are hitting the road together! Come watch us live!!! http://bit.ly/avb0fq." The online dance sensation, led by "Step Up 2: The Streets" director Jon Chu, said he was "REALLY REALLY REALLY excited" and "Glee"-mate Harry Shum (pictured) could hardly contain himself either, tweeting, "HUGE announcement today!! Gonna be a good day!!"

But, "Glee" isn't the only place bringing different facets of the entertainment world together. The website FunnyOrDie.com has a new clip in the works with some big stars. Tweeting "Heroes" actor Greg Grunberg teased followers with the news, "Shooting funny stuff for FOD (FunnyOrDie) with Jeneane Garofalo, Kate Bosworth & Zoe Saldana. Gonna be gooooood!!!!!!"

Check out the rest of today's best tweets from the stars, including Lady Gaga's gripe with "American Idol" and Mariah Carey's bathtub blunder! Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!

@ladygaga FOX POORLY + AMATEURLY edited+cut my performance/musical arrangement on idol. Watch real version. http://bit.ly/apyBrH

-Lady Gaga, Singer

@joelmchale Just did Todayshow. Very fun. Now Regis & Kelly. I'm sure Regis has a few things 2 say 2 me. Then onto Kathy and Hoda. Cocktails Im sure

-Joel McHale, Actor, TV Host ("The Soup")

@jaimiegirlxo off to train with my stunt girl....who will more than likely kick my arse...once again ;) bring it Kylie!!!!! :D

-Jaimie Alexander, Actress ("Kyle XY")

@samantharonson Guy at the club just asked "do you have a card?" He didn't specify that it be mine- so I gave him my dentist's.

-Samantha Ronson, Celebrity DJ

@jodellemicah Ugh...I don't like soggy cereal.

- Jodelle Ferland, Actress ("Eclipse")

@mariahcarey My dog ChaCha just jumped in the tub while I was trying to take a bath&she won't get out(obviously I did lol)

-Mariah Carey, Singer, Actress ("Precious")

@ali_sweeney so... as it turns out... the 'hamster' we found? turns out it's a baby gopher. what can I say? we're such city folk. oops.

-Alison Sweeney, Actress, Reality TV Host ("The Biggest Loser")

@sarabareilles I want to move into anthropologie every time i come. I could hide between the birdcages and the teapots. I'd be very happy there.

-Sara Bareilles, Singer

@riverscuomo I wish everybody had a 140 character limit when they're talking to me in real life.

-Rivers Cuomo, Musician (Weezer)

@marcroberge there is def enough cow bell. damn

-Marc Roberge, Musician (O.A.R.)