Our EXCLUSIVE 'Timer' Clip Finds Emma Caulfield Turning To A Matchmaker To Find Love

Finding your soul mate is no easy task (just ask Carrie Bradshaw!), so what if you could have a clock implanted in your wrist to literally countdown to the days when you will meet The One? It sounds quite absurd, but can you imagine how much pressure it would relieve?

In the romantic dramedy "Timer," which opens in New York City May 14, those magical clocks do exist, only Oona's (Emma Caulfield) "heart monitor" — if you will — is blank ... as in her soul mate doesn't have one. Her race to find predetermined love, of course, turns into a, well, blind obstacle course. In our exclusive clip below, you can witness why Oona's so anxious to settle down: her mom (JoBeth Williams) has hired a matchmaker!

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