Two New 'Eclipse' Stills: The Cullen Men Congregate, Edward And Bella Cuddle

With all the "Eclipse" insanity that has gone on this week, it's crazy to think that the film's release is still a little under two months away! Today we have just the latest in a batch of stills that have hit recently.

The first is of the Cullen men, seemingly preparing for the oncoming threat of Victoria. We know this isn't the same scene as the one where the Cullens first tell Bella about what's going on in Seattle because the clothing doesn't match, but we're going to assume it takes place later on in the film.

How did we deduce that, you wonder? Edward is clearly stressed out if he passed up the opportunity to join his dad and brothers on the button-up/sweater or vest combo to wear a sweatshirt. He obviously has something else on his mind. On another note, Jasper's wig does look pretty terrible, as reports confirmed yesterday.

The second still is one that should get you pretty excited, since it's the infamous scene where Bella tries to convince Edward to have sex with her. Needless to say, they both need to wait until "Breaking Dawn" to really get down and dirty, but it's one of the hotter scenes that fans have to look forward to in "Eclipse." Speaking of wigs, we think Bella's hair looks much nicer in this photo than it did in the first trailer.

Has this week of "Eclipse" hysteria gotten you properly excited for the film? What do you think of the two new photos?

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