Cinco De Mayo And Kim Kardashian's 'Death Threats' From Bieber Fans In Today's Tweet Dreams

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, Tweet Dreamers! Celebrities were most certainly celebrating May 5th in full force, including Miranda Lambert who tweeted, "Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! I feel like having nachos!" Elsewhere, Ashton Kutcher pondered how he'd celebrate the holiday, posting, "i wonder if United Airlines will serve margaritas inflight in honor of cinco de mayo...."

Someone who wasn't having the most joyous Cinco De Mayo was Kim Kardashian, who was learning the dangers of being within a few feet of Justin Bieber! A few days ago the riot-inducing Justin joked he and Kim were an item, but his fans were none too amused. Kim posted last night, "Seriously Biebs! @JustinBieber I'm getting death threats from your fans! This is unBeliebable!!!" as Justin put out the fire today, telling his very devoted female followers, "ladies calm down. @kimkardashian is a friend. a very sexy friend but a friend. no need 4 threats. Let's all be friends and hang out often ;)"

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@sethmeyers21 About 4 hours away from Betty White table read. She's been amazing so far. Incredibly firm handshake.

-Seth Meyers, Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live")

@ninadobrev just finished great meeting w/ TeenVogue - in same building as Vogue, which means Anna Wintour and I are under the same roof. crazy!

-Nina Dobrev, Actress ("The Vampire Diaries")

@mindykaling Guys, I'm on the Tonight Show tonight. The other guest is some guy named Robert Downey Jr.

-Mindy Kaling, Actress ("The Office")

@jakepavelka1 I really miss Vienna! Its amazing how absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'm realizing how Lucky I am to have found her on The Bachelor.

-Jake Pavelka, Reality Star ("The Bachelor," "Dancing With the Stars")

@mellyjhart I learned in Zumba today that Not unlike zoolander, I am not an ambi-turner!!

-Melissa Joan Hart, Actress, Reality Star ("Dancing With the Stars")

@thealexmeraz With this new look i think I'll try to write a rap song called "pimping in forks" and see If I can get it onto the eclipse soundtrack.

-Alex Meraz, Actor ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@lazalonso I woke up with a tiger, a baby & mike tyson in my suit this morning. Where's my tooth?

-Laz Alonso, Actor ("Avatar")

@tonyhawk Just pulled the A-Team van up to a skatepark in New Hampshire, jumped out and rode. Nobody there thought it was strange.

-Tony Hawk, Pro Skater

@krisallen Guy on the plane to the flight attendant,"You are my heroin." I don't even wanna know what that means.

-Kris Allen, Singer

@jennyfrommtv Boarding my private plane. people dont believe its mine. I just happen to enjoy traveling with 300 other people

-Jenny McCarthy, Author, Actress ("Scream 3")

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