New 'True Blood' Goodies: A Jessica Minisode And A Vamp Stamp Promo Poster

True Blood/HBOJessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll) is one bad vampire, but can you really blame her? The poor thing was an unwitting victim of Bill's (Stephen Moyer) decision to murder a fellow vampire — it's not her fault that she's become a blood-sucking creature of the undead, is it?

Well, she's certainly accountable for her actions now that she's had some time to get used to being a vampire — and while it's anybody's guess why the devious Jessica is stalking around a casino waiting for the perfect man in the latest "A Drop of True Blood" minisode, it's safe to say that she's up to no good.

Get the full details on the latest minisode, plus a look at the latest "True Blood" poster, after the jump!

In the most recent Jessica-centric installment of "A Drop of True Blood," the fiery haired vampire is minding her own business at a casino bar when an old preacher comes and joins her. The man unabashedly lays into her with accusations of sinful promiscuity, saying that she needs to surrender herself to God in order to be saved — prompting a very angry Jessica to reveal her fangs, break out the old glamor trick and set the man straight.

"If God wants anything," she warns him, "it's you thanking him daily that you get to live a normal life and that you don't have to cut people open to eat."

True Blood/HBOAfter she sends the terrified preacher along on his merry way — well, after she makes him do something really embarrassing first — Jessica is joined at her table by a new suitor. A suitor who presumably has no idea who and what he's about buy a drink for.

In addition to the latest "Drop of True Blood" episode, HBO has released a brand new poster to Access Hollywood featuring a two-pronged band-aid and the words "vamp stamp." We'll let you figure out what that means!

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