Miley Cyrus' Dresses As A Sexy Bird In 'Can't Be Tamed' Video

By Tina Warren

We always had a feeling that Miley Cyrus wanted to break out of her Disney-good-girl cage and it seems she’s taken the final step in accomplishing that. With the release of her latest music video "Can’t Be Tamed" (see it after the jump!), she reveals herself dressed like a sexy bird captured in a massive cage, which she later breaks out of. Sounds intriguing? Well, it is.

The video first premiered May 4th on E! News and afterward, Miley opened up to Ryan Seacrest about what the video meant for her. And although you may think this marks a new attitude for Miley, think again. In the interview she told Ryan that the track itself was rebellious which is why her video took on that representation. She also explained, “It’s not a new Miley; it’s just a new part of me.” If by new part she means wearing a sexy black leotard, enormous wings, heavy black and green eyeliner and a poof that would make Snooki jealous then we have to wonder where she’s been hiding this!

The video, though, is actually quite magnetic and you can’t look away. It starts off with a shot of an elegant party inside a museum where the curator begins his speech introducing, “a creature so rare it was believed to be extinct” and who is “in captivity for the first time, the rarest creature on Earth, Avis Cyrus.”

Once the cage is revealed, Miley is seen curled up inside a large birds nest while the museum guests gasp around her. She suddenly looks up and begins to move towards the bars of the cage where an applause awaits her. Someone snaps a photograph though which causes her to try to shield herself with massive dark wings which in the light are revealed to have purple and green tints. After the music starts, Miley and her dancers begin a provocative dance number. After leaving the cage, they make their untamed walk through the museum, which is inevitably destroyed by the end of the music video where Cyrus has returned to her cage.

Miley is thrilled with the videos outcome, also telling Ryan, “The reason I loved doing this video is because I wanted it to be something different for a female artist. It is a sexy video, and you can't really take that away from it, but it's not the premise.”

And for you "Hannah Montana" fans, don’t worry, Miley isn’t leaving you behind. Instead, Miley says, it’s a step for her fans to grow up with her.

Check out Miley’s bird outfit in the video below and tell us what you think!