'90210' Recap: Episode 43, 'Meet The Parent'

Last week’s SATs left West Bev’s best and brightest down and out. Naomi dealt with the shock over her sister’s unexpected return by turning inward and becoming even more self-obsessed while poor neglected Liam’s attempts at trying to explain that he had a life requiring attention too, one in that involved his dad skipping town with some stolen antique coins and Lauren Graham, failed to penetrate her narcissistic force field.

Lucky for Liam, Annie managed to always be waiting in the wings with a furrowed brow and tear-stained cheeks. As the Wilson parents make half-hearted attempts to try to save their marriage from Harry’s utter lack of interest and the lingering trace of Kai’s yogic lips, Annie and Dixon read through the widely spaced lines to what’s really going on: Divorce.

Dixon turns to Ivy (conveniently waiting in candle-lit, taco-scented room) and Annie runs to Liam’s to “blow off steam” by quietly helping him paint his boat and make lame attempts at acting like she isn’t trying to steal him from Naomi as Naomi keeps finding herself losing the race against Jen in their plots to destroy each other. Rumor has it Jen was sipping ice tea at dinner for a reason though, so looks like she might be the ultimate loser, unless she is looking forward to starting a family with Chili Dog Matthews.

Ever a mess, even when he makes an effort to order a ginger ale, Mr. Matthews finds himself caught by Navid and Adrianna wandering drunk and dirty around the pier. Suffering from pop song writer’s block, Navid convinces Aid that hanging out with him for an hour will help clear her head. Of course walking around an amusement park works and Aid writes the Next-Big-Pop-Duet that she records in one take with Javier aka "90210’s" answer to Justin Bieber aka Latin Navid. These guys are seriously twins. Anyway! Latin Navid and Real Navid fall for Aid at the exact same moment (it’s a twin thing), but unfortunately L.N.’s star quality trumps R.N.’s “cute” flowers.

Silver forgives Teddy for not doing anything wrong and is given a second chance at meeting his dad. Silver manages to alienate The Spence at every turn until she goes for the kill, ranting about how sexist and unrealistic one of his movies was and … The Spence agrees! Everything is wonderful - Teddy’s dad approves! Except not really because he doesn’t give a blank who Teddy dates, he just wants him to win Wimbledon and you can’t do that with a girl on your arm. Teddy considers this until he realizes there is more to life than tennis and it’s called love and guess what, he’s in it. (I predict they break-up by next week.)

So with only two epis left I suggest all you Harry and Aunt Becky fans start saying your good byes! I can’t wait to see how this shakes out …