'Little Miss Sunshine' Brings Its Super Freak Self To The Stage As A Musical

Continuing the popular trend of converting on screen hits to the stage, "Little Miss Sunshine" musical will be debuting at the La Jolla Playhouse next February. It will be adapted by William Finn and James Lapine of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" fame, and we're anticipating "Little Miss Sunshine" will be similarly hilarious and successful.

While we're sure Will and James will have plenty of fun coming up with brand new song-and-dance numbers for the musical, you can check out three of our favorite scenes we hope make the cut and the songs we would like to see them performed to after the jump!

Obviously the scene where Olive finds out she is accepted into the Little Miss Sunshine pageant is going to make it into the musical, because where would the story be without it? And what song could possibly be more fitting than the classic Katrina And The Waves tune "Walking On Sunshine"? Not only does it find a way to tie in with Little Miss Sunshine, but we also totally think this is the type of song Olive would rock out to in her spare time.

One of the most classic scenes in the film is when the family accidentally leaves Olive behind at a gas station in the middle of their road trip. Since the gas station scene is a pivotal moment for some of the characters — Frank bumps into his ex-boyfriend, Richard finds out he isn't getting a contract he needed to start his motivational business — we're assuming it will make it into the film. And what would be more hilarious than the family's clutch-less Volkswagen T2 Microbus rolling by to pick up Olive where they left her while AC-DC's "Highway To Hell" is blasting in the background.

The climax of the film comes with Olive's performance at the Little Miss Sunshine pageant, and fortunately directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris already wrote in the only possible musical number that this scene can be accompanied with. We can't wait to watch innocent little Olive rock out to Rick James' "Super Freak" live, because we know it will be just as hysterical as the first time we saw Abigail Breslin pull it off in the film.

Which scenes from "Little Miss Sunshine" are you most excited to see performed to musical numbers?