Scarlett Johansson Says Playing Courtney Love Would Be 'Interesting, Intriguing'

By George Loomis

Remember in May 2007 when Jenna Jameson scouted out Scarlett Johansson to play her in a biopic of the millionaire, and rumors were flying that Scarlett might take the role? Yeah, none of that was true. But even though Scarlett never planned on playing Jenna, that doesn’t mean she’s officially ruled out playing Courtney Love in a Kurt Cobain biopic.

When MTV News sat down with Scarlett only last week, Scarlett made it clear that she’s “a big fan of Courtney’s” and that a script has been penned. And though playing Courtney might sound like fun to some, Scarlett doesn’t take the idea lightly. The “Iron Man 2” star is only beginning to “wrap [her] head around it," adding, "I think the idea is interesting and intriguing. It would be a challenge, definitely would be a challenge." Press play above to hear what else she had to say about playing the rocker chic.

What do you think of Scarlett as Courtney Love in a biopic? Would you go see the film?