'Vampire Diaries' Star Malese Jow And Steven R. McQueen Are Best Friends: 'He's So Much Fun!'

Bill CondonMoving to a strange city to work with a group of complete strangers can be intimidating. It certainly was for Malese Jow when she flew to Atlanta to begin filming her guest arc on "The Vampire Diaries," where she was both the newest and the youngest addition to an already established cast and crew.

"I felt kind of like the new kid in school, coming in mid-school year," she told Hollywood Crush. "But everyone was so welcoming — I couldn't have asked for a better cast and crew to jump in with."

It was a little easier to adapt when Malese realized she'd be working with Steven McQueen, whom she had already hung out with once before. Now they're on-set BFFs. "Steven's definitely my best friend as far as the cast goes. And we actually knew each other from before. When I showed up on set he was like, 'Oh, no way!' and we ended up laughing the whole entire day and things haven't changed. He is just so much fun to be around on set. We both have that friendship going."

Like any good BFF, Malese had plenty of funny stories about working with Steven ("Oh, Steven would hate me if I told you this story!"), but, like a good bestie, she wouldn't share anything too revealing. "I have a really embarrassing story about him, but I'll tell you a different one."

"My first day on set," she recalls, "Steven had some really, really big words to say. He had to say the words 'allegorical' and 'folklore' and stuff and he just could not spit them out. I had a heyday with that. I would make fun of him, and he would make fun of himself — it was a hilarious day on set. If you ever talk to him again, ask him to say allegorical or folklore, courtesy of me."

Clearly the "Vampire Diaries" atmosphere is a fun, close-knit one (as Katerina Graham and Steven already told Hollywood Crush, everybody really does hang out off set), but there is an ominous feeling in the air occasionally: Since Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec have proven that anything is liable to happen on the show, even series regulars aren't sure how long their characters will stick around Mystic Falls.

"I think everyone's always on edge whenever we get that next script. I think that's what also makes the show so exciting. Not only is the audience at home watching on [the edge of] their seats, but so are we. It keeps things fresh, and you're always doing your best. So I think it really helps, and I think that's why the show's so successful."

Do you hope Anna sticks around for another season in Mystic Falls? Are you surprised that we keep hearing about how close-knit the "VD" cast and crew really are? How bummed are you that there are only a couple of episodes left?

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