'True Blood' EXCLUSIVE! Bill's Maker, Lorena, Is Back, There's 'More Turbulence Between Them'

Mariana KlavenoBill Compton (Stephen Moyer) is missing, last seen in the clutches of a gloved abductor with a bad strip of silver. Although the kidnapper's identity has yet to be revealed to viewers of the "True Blood" television series, fans of Charlaine Harris' "Sookie Stackhouse" novels are already looking at one suspect in particular — none other than Bill's very own maker, Lorena.

But don't expect to hear any confirmation from Mariana Klaveno, the talented actress who plays Lorena on the hit HBO series. All she'll say is that the naughty Lorena is indeed returning for the third season of "True Blood," set to premiere in June.

Hollywood Crush spoke with Mariana and learned a great deal about her character's future. Read all of the gory details after the jump!

While Mariana wouldn't say whether or not Lorena is involved in the kidnapping of Vampire Bill, she did confess that she'll have plenty of screen time with Stephen Moyer this season.

"Yes, we do spend a good deal of time together in season three," she told us. "I'm hoping that the fans will be a little bit surprised by it, because there will be some new dynamics in our relationship that are new and [have to deal] with that cliffhanger."

But that doesn't necessarily mean she'll be responsible for Bill's abduction, as Mariana informed us: "I think you'll see some sides of Lorena that will surprise you. She'll be in certain situations where you think she'll do something, and she will not [do what you expect]."

True BloodAdditionally, Mariana teased that there are some flashback sequences in store for the third season. Although she couldn't get into the specifics of these scenes, she did elaborate on why flashbacks work so well within the framework of "True Blood" and for her character in particular.

"I love the flashbacks, because you get to step into that time period and play around a bit — I think the flashbacks help build that into the character," she said of the scenes that take Lorena through the decades. "The years and experience add layers into the character. I did a little bit of research and beefed up on world history a bit. I don't actually know what her history was in every single decade — the writers haven't filled in all of those blanks, so I've kind of had to do my own loose sketch of how I thought she spent some centuries."

Whether Lorena and Bill come together through flashbacks or a present day conflict, Mariana promised one thing — there will be plenty of heat between them.

"I think you can definitely expect much more turbulence between them," she said. "But it's not out of the realm of possibility for them to see each other in new ways. I don't know if they'll ever be at peace with each other, but there might be some real heartfelt connection."

So, what else is in store for Lorena when she returns to "True Blood" for its third season?

"I think we can expect more succubus costumes," she laughed. "I cannot emphasize that enough."

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