Russell Brand Explains Why Katy Perry's Scene Was Cut From 'Get Him To The Greek'

Katy Perry and Russell BrandRussell Brand is hilarious. If there are those of you out there — and I know there are — who have never heard of the British comedian whose alter ego, Aldous Snow, stole the show in 2008's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" as well as the past two VMAs, then do yourself a big favor and fix that before June 4. In preparation of "Get Him to the Greek," the big screen continuation of the Aldous Snow persona, Russell spoke with MTV Newa about a couple of our favorite things.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Russell is engaged to she-kissed-a-girl pop singer Katy Perry. Before the January engagement, Katy had filmed a cameo in the film, but turns out once the two announced they were getting hitched, that little scene has hit the cutting room floor.

"I've not asked [what happened to the scene] because its slightly awkward, nor have I told her," Russell admitted. "I think it might be because it would seem kind of cheesy to have her and I in the movie together."

Even if they can't act together on screen, it seems like it would be a good idea for them to at least sing a duet (Russell has a wonderful singing voice), but he threw that idea away too. "That would be a cold day in hell. That would be awful. I might do one with Jonah Hill," he said about the possibility of a partner performance.

But Katy wasn't the only pop singer Russell had on his mind. When we pointed out that the film would be coming out on Russell's 35th birthday, he was quick to reply with, "Let's not talk about my age. I'm trying to sell myself as a fresh-faced 16-year-old. I'm the new Justin Bieber. I'm 12."

Unfortunately Russell has a few different physical attributes than Justin; namely is height. "Maybe a little taller, but basically the same thing," he clarified. "I'm basically going for the same market as young Justin."

And of course, in a "d'oh!" moment, when asked if Russell sees a lot of Justin in himself, he replied with, "I saw a bit of myself in Justin once. It was very brief." Thank you, Mr. Brand.

Are you a fan of Russell Brand's brand of comedy? Are you looking forward to seeing "Get Him to the Greek" when it hits theaters?