Stars Mourn Lynn Redgrave And Prepare For The Met Ball In Today's Tweet Dreams

Bill CondonThe week started off on a sad note as news surfaced of actress Lynn Redgrave's death after a seven-year battle with breast cancer. The talented Brit, 67, was the sister of actress Vanessa Redgrave and the aunt of Natasha Richardson who passed away last year from a skiing accident. Lynn was twice nominated for an Academy Award, most recently for her role in 1998's "Gods and Monsters." She also appeared in small TV roles on "Ugly Betty," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "Desperate Housewives." "My heart goes out to Lynn Redgrave's family...very sad..," Denise Richards Tweeted. "RIP Lynn Redgrave. A wonderful actress, a gracious woman, always with a smile. She was total CLASS. She will be missed," wrote Marlee Matlin.

For stars living and playing in New York City, the dismal weather was at the forefront of their minds."Its far too humid in nyc and all i brought was cashmere...ugh," complained Emma Roberts. "... So should I wear a rain coat to the Met now? #endoftheworldthunderstorms," joked Katy Perry about tonight's Met Costume Institute Gala.

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@lakebell Not OK: "This squid salad tastes off, try it.

-Lake Bell, actress, ("How To Make It In America")

@roccodispirito As a guest star on @ABC @Castle tonight, I am happy to report the death in the episode has nothing to do with my cooking. This time...

-Rocco DiSpirito, chef

@emmyrossum Final last-minute fitting this morning for the American-themed MET ball tonight. I'm going with @kennethcole. Should be fun!

- Emmy Rossum, actress

@busyphilipps25 Why is it that, no matter what, the first batch of pancakes always sucks?

-Busy Philipps, actress ("Cougar Town")

@mindykaling I feel like Russell Crowe checks in with his agent every year to see when enough time has passed so he can remake Braveheart.

-Mindy Kaling, actress ("The Office")

@TheAlexMeraz In Peru finally aafter a long and bumpy flight...I'm STARVING peanuts did NOT cut it! If I see a llama I'm riding it first then eating it.

-Alex Meraz, actor ("Eclipse")

@WhitneyCummings Mischa Bartons outfits cause me an unreasonable amount of stress.

-Whitney Cummings, comedian