Disney's Next 'High School Musical'-Like Movie Found In Novel 'Lemonade Mouth'

AmandaNow that so many of their stars are growing up and moving out, Disney is trying to create their next Next Big Thing. The Hollywood Reporter got news that the Disney Channel is ordering a new Original Movie musical based off the novel, "Lemonade Mouth."

Following the "High School Musical" formula, "Lemonade Mouth" by Mark Peter Hughes tells the story of five freshman high schoolers who meet in detention a la "The Breakfast Club," but choose forming a garage band using unusual instruments like ukuleles as their form of teenage rebellion. The script was written by April Blair who wrote the not-so-successful 2008 Jessica Simpson film "Major Movie Star" as well as the upcoming "Monte Carlo."

The year 2009 saw a drop-off in Disney's televised films, though "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" will be sure to bring in the ratings when it debuts in September, Disney is sure to be hoping for another big break with "Lemonade Mouth."

To make sure that happens, Disney has called in Emmy-nominated producer Debra Martin Chase to lead the project. She is responsible for the success of "The Cheetah Girls" as well as the films "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "The Princess Diaries." This means that not only are we likely to see a whole new generation drawn into the Disney musical madness, but we're also likely to get the next Anne Hathaway or Blake Lively out of it. No complaints here.

Have you been missing Disney musicals as much as we have? What do you think about this new story idea?