Khloe Kardashian Looks Back On Her (Blonde!) Teen Years In 'When I Was 17' This Saturday!

Whether you're 17 right now, so far out of high school you can't even remember what "geometry" means or still a freshman trying to get asked to prom — you can probably relate to the powerful and angsty era called teenage-dom. When it comes to celebrities and their adolescent years, however, boy, do they have some great stories to tell! Lucky for you, MTV compiled the best of these teenage tales into a new series called "When I Was 17," which premieres this Saturday (May 2) at 11a.m. ET/PT.

Every episode will focus on three artists and will highlight everything from family, friends, first loves, cars, jobs — you name it, no subject was off limit! Raven-haired (well, back then she was blonde!) reality star, Khloe Kardashian will be profiled in episode 1, and while we don't want to give anything away from the hilarious stories she shares, we have a fun game to get you excited for the nostalgia coming your way!


When Khloe tells as all about her 17th year, she reminisces about being quite the troublemaker, but we're wondering if, in our quiz below, you can tell us which option is false about her?

2 Truths & A Lie! Which Isn't True About Khloe Kardashian When She Was 17?online survey

DON'T FORGET! Tune into the premiere of "When I Was 17" this Saturday at 11a.m. ET/PT!