'Beastly' EXCLUSIVE Still: Alex Pettyfer And Vanessa Hudgens Share An Intimate Moment

Earlier today, we reported that when it came to her physical appearance in her summer flick, "Beastly," Vanessa Hudgens wanted to look anything but beauty-like. "I made a point to not look put-together," she told MTV News. "I was trying to make [my hair] look messier and messier."


We appreciate her dedication to the role and all, but now that we've gotten time to look closely at the EXCLUSIVE still (yay Summer Movie Preview Week!) above, we've got to say, she's looking quite the opposite of what she claimed, and instead well-coiffed and adorable. As for the token "beast," Alex Pettyfer, it seems that in this scene, his colorful veins and "imperfections" are starting to grow on Vanessa's Lindy — she's totally smitten.

What do you think is going in in this moment? Are you getting more excited to see "Beastly"?