Second 'Eclipse' Trailer: Watch It Here! Plus, Get Some Great Stories From The Set

In honor of the release of the second "Eclipse." trailer (press play below to see it!), last night was the first ever live Facebook chat between fans and the stars of "The Twilight Saga," hosted by Summit Entertainment. While only about 8,000 viewers tuned in (we say "only" because we know there are millions of you out there), it was a nice chance to let the stars — Nikki Reed, Julia Jones and Bryce Dallas Howard — show off their chemistry and tell some tales from the set of "Eclipse." Even some news worthy stuff slipped in.

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Rosalie Hale in the 1930s

Yesterday we had questioned whether or not Rosalie and the wolf pack would be getting flashbacks in the film for their backstories, and Nikki answered the former during the live chat. She said they had been able to do a decent amount of filming in the 1930s and get a chance to explain where Rosalie's character was coming from.

"Kristen and I shot a really intense seven page scene where I was just pouring my heart and explaining why I am the way I am," Nikki said, adding that Rosalie was "not a one dimensional character." "It's a frustrating feeling. You don't really get to say what you want to say, and you hope that you can convey what you want to say in the two seconds you're on screen."

She also tossed out Jack Huston's name as the actor playing her ex-fiance Royce King, who you will know best from the TV show "Eastwick."

David Slade's goofy side

While all the actresses said that director David Slade was a great person to work with and was very detail oriented and personal, they shared tales that he also had a very silly side on set.

"David likes to step into these characters. He's incredible with accents. He would invent like these hypothetical situations and would create these characters and we would all play along," said Nikki, adding that it takes a certain type of person to go along with the silliness. "When you have five pounds of white make up on, it's really important to have a light atmosphere."

The most terrifying actor to fight with in "Eclipse"

Bryce and Nikki spent a lot of time talking about the grueling fight training they had to go through to become physically fit in the film. It meant weeks of personal training, fight training and running on huge treadmills to learn how to move evasively at a fast speed. Bryce said, of all the burly men on set, the person she was most terrified of during these training sessions was Nikki.

"I never partnered with Nikki because she was terrifying in fight training," Bryce admitted with a laugh.

"I get really intense," Nikki agreed.

Jackson Rathbone's battle wounds

Thanks to harnesses and trained professionals, there weren't many serious injuries sustained while filming the fight sequences in "Eclipse." But Nikki said there was one scary moment when Jackson Rathbone was hit by a stray punch and got pretty injured.

"He got punched in the head by Kellan [Lutz], of all people," she said. "He went to the hospital, he had a huge egg on his head. I would not want to get punched by Kellan."

Apparently not everyone agrees with Nikki's final statement. Bryce turned to her and said with a laugh, "I would prefer to get punched by Kellan than Nikki."

Also, in case you missed it, the official Eclipse movie site is now up and running!

Did you tune in to the chat last night? Were you glad to hear some stories from the set, instead of just facts about the film?