Jonas Brothers Update Us On Season 2 Of 'JONAS': There Will Be 'Lots Of Guest Stars'

The Jonas Brothers have already pleaded they'd love to get "James Bond" star Daniel Craig to make a cameo on their hit Disney series, "JONAS," but the guys admit that finding out who will be making a cameo in season two of their show isn't quite the mystery it seems — all you have to do is Google!

With Nick saying that there will be "lots of guest stars," Joe continued, "There's been a couple guest stars on the show already. Some that have been paprazzied and some that have been kept under wraps and some that just Twittered. It's cool to work with [these people because] if it's a musician or if it's an actress or actor that's been around a long time, it challenges you."

With the guys remaining tight-lipped about who will we see dropping by the show, Kevin does explain that the season will give fans an idea of what it's like in the City of Angels. "It's been really cool. The show is something completely different than it ever was last season," he explained. "It's a summer in L.A. Really it's a summer like no other. We're away and we're trying to do different things and have personal interests as well. It's all shot on location so for people who haven't been to L.A. [they can see it]."

So, with the guys working hard on their TV show, does that mean they don't have any plans to work on new music? Joe explained, “We all have been working on lots of music, and ... it could really be for anything.”

Are you excited for the new season of "JONAS"? Who do you hope will guest star? Finally, will you be adding the word "paprazzied" to your vocabulary?