Lady Gaga Puts On White Hot Viva Glam Performance in Japan

Lady Gaga certainly knows how to put on a show. And even on a smaller scale, it still feels epic. Yesterday (April 20), Gaga took the stage for MAC Cosmetics' Pan-Asia Viva Glam launch in Tokyo and mesmerized the crowd with her wild look (she wore a white lace onesie) and kooky performance.

Her set included "Speechless," "Alejandro" and "Bad Romance. She hit the stage in a procession inspired by a Japanese wedding, and as the lights dimmed, she sat at her piano on the rotating stage and belted out her ballad, "Speechless."

Following that, she played her next single, "Alejandro," and then closed to set with "Bad Romance," as snowflakes and cherry blossoms descended onto to her and her fans.

Earlier this year, Gaga signed on to be MAC AIDS Fund's Viva Glam campaign spokeswoman, along with Cyndi Lauper. The campaign donates 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of lipstick and lip gloss to the global fight against AIDS and HIV.

"We want women to feel strong and feel strong enough that they can remember to protect themselves. To have this lipstick as a reminder in your purse, that when your man is laying naked in bed, you go into the bathroom, you put your lipstick on, and you bring a condom out with you," Gaga said. "There are no exceptions. ... This idea of negotiation before intercourse is this kind of ridiculous thing in the age that we're living in. I would say never, but you must be in a loving, monogamous relationship or married. We're not in an age when you can have irresponsible, condom-less sex."


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