'Glee' Star Chris Colfer Teases Tonight's Madonna Episode: 'Like A Prayer' Number Is Very 'Special'

As the eagerly anticipated all-Madonna episode of “Glee” finally debuts tonight, we’re still obsessing over Sue Sylvester’s version of “Vogue," which premiered after last week’s episode.

The scene, which is further explained tonight (let’s just say it all stems from Sue’s jealousy of Mr. Schuester’s luxurious hair), was also a highlight for Chris Colfer, who cites “Vogue” and “Hung Up” as his all-time favorite Madge songs.

“It would not have been so much fun if it had not been for Jane [Lynch],” Chris told Hollywood Crush of the frame-by-frame recapturing of the iconic video. “She’s hysterical and she was incredible in it,” he said. But, don’t think that will be the only time you’ll be surprised by a “new” Sue, as Chris promises, “I think Sue is very, very surprising the rest of the season.”

That wasn’t the only moment Chris and his "Glee"mates would come to cherish (get it, “Cherish”?!) while filming. One of the episode’s biggest numbers (there are quite a few!) finds New Directions joined by a 40-person choir for a version of “Like a Prayer” that is near religious. “I had no idea they were even going to be there until the day of rehearsals and it was like, 'Oh, there’s a big choir behind us, look at that!'" Chris said about the number which calls his favorite in the episode, adding, “That (moment) was kind of special for all of us.”

To hear more about tonight's episode, press play below!

What Madonna songs are you most excited to see come to life tonight? Besides Sue, who else from the cast should don a cone bra?