'Glee' Scoop! Chris Colfer Says Kurt And His New Boyfriend Will Be 'A Powerful, Popular Couple'

There are some exciting things on the horizon for Kurt Hummel, Gleeks. Chris Colfer who plays the quirky, yet multidimensional glee club member with a knack for knockout solos and skin cream regimens confirms the tide will turn for Kurt.

According to the Huffington Post, during the show's big win at this weekend's GLAAD Media Awards (they walked away with the honor of Outstanding Comedy Series) series creator Ryan Murphy told the crowd that not only would Kurt be getting a boyfriend soon, but the pair will also be dubbed McKinley High Schools prom king and king. Chris told us, "Yes, in season two he will be getting a boyfriend. The first time I had heard anything about [the prom kings] was at the awards, [Ryan] might have been sarcastic. But, I do know they're going to be a powerful, popular couple." Chris also tells us Kurt's future beau will be a new character we've not yet met.

Ryan also assured fans that Kurt "would never be the victim on the show," and Chris couldn't have been more pleased with the sentiment. "I'm thrilled, because I'm really tired of characters like Kurt being a punching bag and being the punch line," he told Hollywood Crush. "He does go through some victimizing situations like being thrown in a dumpster every day, but he doesn't let himself become a victim. He doesn't change who he is, in fact, it adds more to his attitude. He steps out of the dumpster more fabulous than he went in! No matter what happens, Kurt will never let anything victimize him, he might be the victim of certain situations and certain people, but it will never affect him."

It's not the first time Chris and Ryan have been on the same page about things. As Rolling Stone reported in their cover story on "Glee" earlier this month, Ryan, who had written the role specifically for Chris after meeting him, also drew from some of Chris' real-life experiences. Most notably, when Kurt was turned down to sing in the solo in "Defying Gravity" because of his gender, which appeared in the episode "Wheels."

While some might find a moment like that tough to revisit, Chris sees it more as a second chance. "The reasons my experiences were tough in real life was because I was told 'no' and then Ryan gave me a huge, huge 'yes' that completely trumped that no," Chris explains, adding, "It was really great to know that the exact experience that Kurt was going through in that episode was the experience that I went through. Even though it was a different experience for me as a person, all the emotion was real."

Chris, who was a longtime fan of Ryan's before working on the show ("I was obsessed with 'Nip/Tuck,' and I loved his movies and pretty much anything that he'd ever done") admits he was shy around the show's creator at first, but all that has since changed. "He's a friend now. He's almost like our dad," says Chris, who also acknowledges, "It's kind of strange to become close with people that you really admire so much."

Check out more from our interview with Chris Colfer tomorrow as he dishes on the all-Madonna episode!

What do you think of Kurt getting a boyfriend? Were you a fan of Ryan Murphy pre-"Glee" like Chris was?