Jessica Simpson Asserts Her 'No Makeup' Marie Claire Cover Is Legit

By Tina Warren

The “Price of Beauty” star might be paying her own price. When this month's Marie Claire hit newsstands, Jessica Simpson was standing tall on the cover proudly declaring that she was wearing absolutely no make-up. Inside the magazine there were even images from a complete photo shoot where Jessica had no shame in revealing her natural beauty. Sounds great right? Here’s the catch.

Upon closer inspection of the image, there is some makeup residue around her eyes and even maybe a little mascara. We’re not pointing fingers but it certainly does add question to her claim that she isn’t wearing any makeup. We weren’t the only ones who noticed though, because Jessica has been hit hard about her claims. Many are also questioning if the "no retouching" statement is even true.

Don’t expect her to back down just yet though. We recently spoke to her on the red carpet for Good Housekeeping’s 125th anniversary event, where we asked her about the allegations. Jessica Simpson upheld her initial statements, reaffirming, “I absolutely was not wearing makeup,” and also adding that if anyone compared the Marie Claire photos to her airbrushed ones, the differences would definitely be noticeable.

The whole message of the photographs Jessica wanted to send out to girls may be lost in all the commotion. Explaining, "I really wanted to show women that I'm just a normal person.” Jess was hoping to help boost girls self esteem but instead everyone is playing a “is she or isn’t she” game.

Maybe she just needs a better makeup remover? Or maybe there’s something else going on but one thing is certain: she looks beautiful no matter what. Good luck with this one, Jess.

Do you think Jessica's cover is airbrushed?

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