Sarah Jessica Parker On Shooting 'Sex And The City 2': 'We Four Women Have Never Been Better'

When you see that Sarah Jessica Parker is gracing the cover of May's issue of Vogue, your mind might not immediately jump to the assumption that this is to honor the Met Museum of Art Costume Institute's "American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity" exhibit (like the press release says it is).

It makes a bit more sense that Vogue chose the month of May to coincide with another big release: "Sex and the City 2." But, with the upcoming glamorous sequel set to make more than the half a billion dollars the first "Sex and the City" movie made in theaters, it's easy to see why the two are inextricably entwined.

"It's hard to define precisely when it was that the Carrie Bradshaw brand turned into the Sarah Jessica Parker brand, but the transition was definitely made," writes Vogue contributing editor Vicki Woods, who conducted the various interviews with SJP over the past year for the profile. In the article's opening, Vicki argues that Sarah "turned the twentieth-century heroine on her head," and it's easy to see how Carrie Bradshaw has redefined the image of a successful woman over the past two decades.

Now with "SATC 2" hitting theaters, both the characters in the film and the audiences who love them are a little bit older and a lot wiser, and it will be interesting to see if — even after the show has been long done — the "Sex and the City" films can redefine an older generation. In the first movie, Kim Catrall's Samantha turned the big 5-0, and Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are catching up in "2." The latter three ladies are all in their 40s, and SJP promises there will be some comedic menopause talk in the upcoming film.

But Chris Noth (who, of course, plays Mr. Big) said he still could see a "Sex and the City 3" and other films continue into the future. "We're married now. If we make another one where we're grandparents, we'd still have a good time," he said.

The question is whether audiences will continue coming back to watch that good time, which will be determined by the box office receipts for "2." Director Michael Patrick King thinks, even in this economic recession, people will still want to come out and spend their money. "America slash most of the world is in a bit of an economic crunch still, I felt like everybody needed a big, extravagant, splashy, expensive vacation."

We have the advantage of having seen the trailer for "SATC 2," which explains why Carrie and company head to the Middle East, but it seems that at the time of writing, Vicki had not. So while there aren't many spoilers for the film in this SJP profile, there was plenty of talk about clothes.

"[Costume designer Pat Field] wanted all the characters to be interesting, sexy, all the stories that Pat likes to tell with clothing, but we had religious and environmental and cultural standards to respect," SJP said. "You have to look at clothing and women and women's bodies completely differently. And you start to see how you can still see so much with someone covered. And how exciting that is and how beautiful it is and how draping can be incredibly sexy."

Still, Sarah said the movie is one she loved to film, and we're pretty sure she'd be as quick as Chris Noth to sign on for a third. "What I'm most happy to tell you," she told Vogue, "is that we four women, despite I guess what a lot of people hope, have never been better. This movie and maybe it's because we actually lived together it was the best! We were together all day long, at night, in the restaurants, in our hotels. It was wonderful."

To read the rest of the profile, where SJP talks about her new daughters and gig with Halston, check out the article online or on newsstands.

Are you planning on seeing "Sex and the City 2" when it hits theaters May 27? Would you want to keep watching Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte grow old on screen together?