'Sex And The City 2' Shopping Alert: New Movie Merchandise Includes Undies And More!

It's going to be a glamorous summer, starting when "Sex and the City 2" hits theaters May 27. While we have spoiled ourselves a little too much over the past few months with teasers and tidbits of information, now we have decided to gather a list of ways you can spoil yourself in the month and a half leading up to the movie. Be warned though: the "SATC" ladies never worried about maxing out their credit cards, and we aren't worried about maxing out yours!

Be Your Own "Carrie":

The first poster for "SATC 2" (pictured right) only showcased Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie, which meant the dress she was wearing was a major focus. The white, V-neck coctail dress by Halston Heritage (an off-shoot line of Halston, which SJP helped design) is being sold at Bloomingdale's for $325, which isn't too bad, right? If you wear it once a month for one whole year, that's only $27 per wear!

...And Look Fabulous This Summer:

If you were worried about the price on that last item, then you should definitely ignore this next one. You can buy the gold sunglasses Carrie is wearing on the poster on costume designer Patricia Field's website for $525. The limited-edition FRANZ style mirrored shades from the MYKITA and Bernhard Willhelm were inspired by downhill ski champion Franz Klammer (hence the name) and of course appear in the film.

Frost Yourself:

Swarovski announced Friday they'd partnered with "SATC 2" on jewelry and accessories for the leading ladies. There will be some obvious product placement for Svarovski in the film (one even involves Miley Cyrus! Hint: look behind her and Kim Cattrall), but the crystal company's 800 boutiques are also planning on decorating their windows in honor of the film's release.

The decorations will be in the style of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Nadja Swarovski, VP of internal communications, told WWD that "Swarovski is the perfect fit for the fabulous foursome and represents everything the movie evokes: fashion, glamour, femininity and a strong sense of personal style."

Be Seductive:

Cosabella's clothing boutique has announced it is going to be releasing a limited edition Never Say Never thong in four different colors: one for each of the leading "SATC" ladies. They will be available in either the Cutie low-rise of Bootie relaxed fit. Customers can either be "carefree and fabulous" like Carrie in the Lipstick Pink color, "scintillating and successful" like Samantha in Seductive Black, "confident and cosmopolitain" like Miranda in Breathtaking Barbados Blue, or "feminine and sophisticated" like Charlotte in Sexy Cyclamine. The thongs run at $18 a pop and are one size fits most.

Add That Cosmopolitan Touch:

What would "SATC" be without all those martinis? Skyy Vodka has again been named the official vodka of the film, and to commemorate the collaboration, Pat Field (pictured) designed a limited-edition "SATC 2"-themed bottle. The bottle won't be available until May, but this is a pretty big deal for the brand considering it's the first time it will be changing the design of the bottle in Skyy's history. No need to fear though, it will still be its traditional cobalt blue.

Will you be buying any of the products mentioned above? What other "SATC 2" gear have you seen in the marketplace?