Kristen Stewart's Birthday: Peer Into Her Future Courtesy Of A Professional Psychic

A very happy birthday to Kristen Stewart, who turns the big 2-0 today. In honor of her big day, MTV decided to speak with an astrologer to see what the stars have lined up for Kristen in the coming year. We know we shouldn't have, Kristen, but we know it's what you've always wanted.

Kristen already is letting astrology take over her life by starring in "The Twilight Saga," whose titles like "New Moon" and "Eclipse" deal a lot with the position of the moon and the sun. Unfortunately Stephenie Meyer never wrote a novel called "Full Moon," because it turns out that that would have been more fitting for Kristen herself. New York astrologer Diana Brownstone took a look back at the position of the moon the night Kristen was born (April 9, 1990) and discovered Kristen was actually born with a full moon in the sky.

"People born on a full moon, they are really relationship people. Relationships are very important to them," Diana explained. "It's kind of the sign of completion: full moon."

Turns out Kristen's sign -- Cancer Rising -- is ruled by the moon, and Diana felt this tied in with the themes of "The Twilight Saga." Full moons tend to represent "shedding light on things that are hidden," and her sign represents bringing to light the deepest part of the subconscious.

"[Kristen] would be the ideal person to be cast in this kind of a role," Diana said. Fortunately for her assumption, Kristen has been the leading lady in "Twilight" for the past two years. We're glad they're a perfect fit (though we might have been able to claim that before)!

Diana predicted that, based on Kristen's chart, the young starlet would still have a lot of power in the coming year which could translate itself into a variety of new roles. We're going to throw our hat in the ring and say that new power could be in the form of "Eclipse" shattering box office records and Kristen negotiating a killer new contract for the upcoming "Breaking Dawn" film(s), but that's just us.

Since there's no point in analyzing Kristen's stars without comparing them to those of rumored beau Robert Pattinson, Diana discovered that Mars, the planet Rob's birth is associated with in his "relationship sector," ruled Aries, which Kristen is associated with.

"That could be a hint that there really is a romantic connection between the two of them," Diana said.

Well, come on Ms. Brownstown, but duh.

What do you think of these predictions, Crushers? Do you think that the stars are telling the truth about Rob and Kristen being involved?