'Glee' On 'Oprah': Behind-The-Scenes Look Reveals Fun, But Grueling Rehearsal Schedule

The cast of "Glee" has had an exciting past few days, to say the very least. From gracing the cover of Rolling Stone to performing at the White House for the First Family, the students and staff of McKinley High School continued to take over the world as they paid Oprah a visit on her show today. Packed with devoted "Gleeks" in the audience, they were treated to the cast's (wearing their red outfits, something of a staple for them lately) goose bump-y rendition of Queen's "Somebody to Love." I'd argue that they sounded their best yet (Cory Montheith especially stepped up his game...cause, c'mon it's Oprah!)

I can't remember a time when Oprah has had her guests sing before she actually talked to them, but when she finally sat down with the cast (well, most of them, anyway) there was a whole lot of gushing going on. The hostess gave her trademark yelling/singing introductions to the cast, including Matthew Morrison, for whom she chimed, "Mr. Schuester is here!" Matt's response? "Oprah Winfrey is here!"

Oprah kicked things off by asking which cast member was most like their character and Matthew called out Lea Michele. Turns out, Lea isn't an unlikeable at times, type-A girl, but, instead, as Matthew described, "A strong woman who knows exactly what she wants." Yep, that sounds like Rachel alright! Even Lea, whose nickname amongst her cast is "Child Star," admitted she was "very much like Rachel when I was younger."

What else did Oprah get out of the cast? Well, no tears, surprisingly enough! Cory admitted the only time he ever sang before being in "Glee" was in the shower or car; Dianna Agron silently freaked out when Julia Roberts came to their table at the Golden Globes; Jane Lynch, it turns out, is nothing like snide Sue Sylvester ("I'm a much nicer person!" she assured) and, finally, Chris Colfer admitted he endured teasing, not unlike his character Kurt, in high school. Amber Riley reassured fans that the entire cast are, indeed, friends, so much so that they had been planning a trip to Cabo together (but opted to visit Oprah instead!)

But, perhaps more fascinating than the personal admissions, was the behind-the-scenes footage and information. The cast shoots every day, anywhere from 14 to 16 hours a day, and sometimes even rehearses on the weekends! They revealed their day starts around 6 a.m. and they can work on anywhere from two to four song and dance routines lasting roughly two to eight hours a day. In case you missed the math, that's a whole lotta singing, dancing, rehearsing and filming.

Oprah's cameras also just so happened to stop by the set when Neil Patrick Harris was filming his guest stint as Mr. Schuester's old glee club nemesis! "Glee" fans even got a sneak peek at the episode in which Neil's character brings new jean jackets to New Directions (did anyone else catch that very Barney Stinson-like "Awesome!" he threw in there?) Even though their work load seems daunting, it sure looked like the cast has fun (how could they not with NPH hanging around?)!

The show's creator Ryan Murphy later chatted about why he made the show (to put something optimistic on TV), Lea ("[She] has a voice that cuts through you") and what will happen when the kids of McKinley High School get older ("They never graduate," he joked, "It's a 10-year high school!"). Ryan also noted he had watched hundreds of YouTube clips of show choirs before getting the show off the ground.

What was your favorite part of the cast's appearance on Oprah? Were you surprised to see what a good break dancer Matthew Morrison is? Do you wished they'd performed one more song or given away some spoilers about the spring season? Is it April 13th yet??

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