'Breaking Dawn' Will Have A PG-13 Rating, Ensures 'Twilight' Scribe Melissa Rosenberg

There is hope for "Breaking Dawn" yet. Melissa Rosenberg recently spoke with Film.com about the final installment(s) in "The Twilight Saga" as they slowly but surely make their way to the big screen, and she shared some details that can set the minds of "BD" worrywarts (like us!) at ease.

No, she didn't share whether the novel will be adapted into one film or two. And no, we still don't know who will be the final director. And we definitely have no clue whether "BD" will be shot in 3-D. But what Melissa was able to share was that "BD" will have a very solid PG-13 rating, like its previous installments.

"That's your audience," she told Film.com. "In this series, you don't sacrifice anything. There are some movies that wouldn't play at PG-13, like 'The Hangover,' but this is just not one of them for me. Again, if you're capturing character, emotion and emotional journey, you're OK."

She added that adapting the R-rated novel into a PG-13 rated film isn't going to hurt the film in the slightest. "It's completely doable," Melissa explained. "You don't sacrifice story by cutting language. Nor do you sacrifice story by showing less blood or gore, or whatever it is that's bringing you to an R rating. It doesn't hurt it."

Though that means we probably won't see the scene leading up to Bella's hilarious line, "Why am I covered in feathers?" (though, for what it's worth, we didn't actually get to read Bella and Edward's first sex scene in the book either), it means that Renesmee's birthing scene probably won't be as horribly gruesome as it was in the novel either. While there are some scenes we just can't bear being altered, Bella's vampire c-section is definitely not one of them.

Melissa also said that she knows no better than anyone else who the director of "BD" will end up being. "It's definitely not up to me," she said during the interview. "I've seen lists and weighed in, and they always welcome input, which is lovely, but ultimately it's [Summit Entertainment's] decision, and they'll do what they do, and I'll work with whomever they choose. I had no knowledge of the first three directors, and it worked. Generally speaking, [the candidates] are people I haven't worked with before."

Are you happy that "Breaking Dawn" will have a PG-13 rating? Why or why not?

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