Carey Mulligan And Saoirse Ronan May Team Up For 'Thelma And Louise'-Like Comedy, 'Violet and Daisy'

The Oscar buzz machine might explode if the rumored film "Violet and Daisy" actually comes to fruition: Carey Mulligan (Oscar-nominated for "An Education") and Saoirse Ronan (Oscar-nominated for "Atonement") are set to star in a movie from Oscar-winning "Precious" screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher.

According to Showbiz411, the two leading ladies will most likely team up for Geoffrey's feature-length directorial debut, which he also wrote. (Though, this is Hollywood we're talking about, so nothing is set in stone.)

The "Violet and Daisy" script is described as a combination of "Thelma and Louise," "Superbad," and "Pulp Fiction," which sounds like it will be a raunchy, bloody comedy involving two ladies on the lam.

It will be refreshing to see Carey and Saoirse (and Geoffrey) tackle some lighter subject matter, and since there's nothing better than a smart, well-cast, female-fronted comedy ("Mean Girls" is a classic for a reason, you know), we think "Violet and Daisy" sounds quite promising. We just hope it doesn't turn out too similar to another "Thelma and Louise"-inspired movie that's also in the works, "Cowboy Bandits," which rumored star Leighton Meester sorta-confirmed to MTV News back in November. We say bring 'em both on: there's more than enough room for girl-powered movies out there.

What do you think about the "Violet and Daisy" cast? Is there enough room in Hollywood for two "Thelma and Louise"-inspired movies? What do you think about Carey and Saoirse trying their hands at comedy?

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