White House Easter Egg Roll 2010: 'Glee' Cast Shows Off Its 'True Colors'

Judging from the "Glee" cast's Easter Egg Roll performance at the White House this morning, the cast's live tour next month will definitely live up to its previously only-on-TV glory. The performance included group and individual numbers from the show ("Somebody to Love," "True Colors," "Sweet Caroline"), along with a couple of new songs. (From future episodes, perhaps? We're not sure.)

The "Glee" set opened with "Somebody to Love," complete with choreography straight from the show — Kevin McHale even danced in his character's wheelchair, and the New Horizons gang wore the same patriotic jeans-and-red-T-shirt costumes we've seen. Lead vocals from Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, and Amber Riley were live (and sounded great! Though Cory was a little quiet. He's probably just shy.), but it sounded like the harmonies had a little support from a backing track. (No, it's not cheating, that's standard practice for boy bands like 'NSYNC.)

Mr. Schuster, a.k.a. Matthew Morrison, showed up with his ukulele to duet with Mark Salling and his guitar on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (the version you probably know from being featured in gazillions of commercials — prehaps it be featured on the show, too?) before Mark took the lead for his rendition of "Sweet Caroline," which we know for sure that the First Family enjoyed, since the White House live stream caught Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama dancing and singing along with Mark.

The ladies had their solo turn next, with Jenna Ushkowitz singing "True Colors," an uplifting, kid-friendly song, but unexpected since it's not one of the more famous "Glee" covers, and Amber's take on "Home" by Stephanie Mills, also unexpected since she hasn't sung it on the show before. Wrapping up the "Glee" set was a group performance of crowd favorite "Don't Stop Believin'," original choreography included.

Did you catch the live stream of the "Glee" performance? What was your favorite part? Who else do you wish got a solo?