'Gossip Girl' Star Sebastian Stan Cast As Sidekick In 'Captain America'

Let it be known, being a Hollywood Crush Hump Day Hottie is a sure-fire was of promising Hollywood success. When Sebastian Stan reemerged on "Gossip Girl" way back in September '09 as troublemaker lothario Carter Baizen, we gave the hunk the aforementioned title with the hope "he'll be sticking around and not saying 'XOXO' anytime soon."

Little did we know what a whirlwind career for the young star we had created! He parted ways with Serena on "Gossip Girl," but got a chance to appear in "Hot Tub Time Machine" along comedic greats like John Cusack and Craig Robinson as the character Blaine.

But don't worry, our good will didn't stop there. Back in January, Sebastian signed to join the cast of "The Apparition." For those of you who forget, the film also brings together "Twilight" star Ashley Greene and "Harry Potter" villain Tom Felton. A clash of the titans indeed! If anything will bring Sebastian to the public eye (of women worldwide), it's being featured along one of the first mainstream crossovers of the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" franchises — two of the series we cover the most often at Hollywood Crush, we'd like to add!

If that wasn't enough, it was announced today that Sebastian would be starring as James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes in "The First Avenger: Captain America." Not only does that mean he'll get to earn movie-going men's affection as well, but he also gets to star opposite Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving. And then, since he signed on for the role of Bucky in five to six additional Marvel films, it means he gets to be a part of the Marvel mash-up in 2011's "The Avengers"! The lucky 26-year-old will get to star alongside Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, (probably) Edward Norton and what promises to be a whole slew more.

So, you're welcome, Sebastian Stan. We knew you had it in you. We'll be waiting for a "Thank you" letter and our cut of your future successes (Jesse Eisenberg, we're still waiting on you, too). And to all you other Hump Day Hotties out there, you just wait. Your time is near!!

What do you think of Sebastian joining a super hero movie?