Selena Gomez Describes Her 'Monte Carlo' Character, Is 'Thrilled' To Star With Leighton Meester

Though Selena Gomez was attending Saturday's Kid's Choice Awards as a pop star and Disney Channel queen, she was more than enthusiastic to talk about her upcoming feature films. Her first ever theatrical release, called "Ramona and Beezus," is a spin-off of the Beverly Cleary classic series "Ramona," and is sure to be very kid-friendly (just like Selena's image).

But her most recent film seems to give her a chance to try her hand in more adult acting. Selena was especially excited to talk about was her very in-development flick, "Monte Carlo," in which she's starring opposite Nicole Kidman and Leighton Meester.

"I leave today (March 27) to start shooting on that actually, so I'm pretty excited," Selena admitted when MTV News asked her about it on the red carpet. She said she was flying off to the title location, Monte Carlo, that night, but would be heading to "a couple of other places as well" after they were finished filming. We're assuming those are the previously reported Budapest and Paris.

The plot follows two college students and one recent high school graduate (we're assuming Selena will be the high school grad and Leighton one of the college students) who are from the Midwest and fly to Monaco to pose as wealthy women. Selena says her character's name is Grace, a girl from Texas who saved up money to go to Paris for the summer with her BFF.

"Lots of drama goes on," Selena explained with a laugh. "It's fun."

She said she has had a chance to meet with Nicole — "She was very sweet and very excited, so I'm very thrilled" — but hasn't gotten to meet Leighton yet. "I'm a huge 'Gossip Girl' fan," Selena admitted, with a wave to the camera. We're guessing that wave was meant for Leighton, and that by now they have already met and are partying it up in Monte Carlo.

Are you excited to see Selena on the big screen? Who do you think should be cast alongside her and Leighton Meester?