Bree Tanner Aside, Which Other 'Twilight' Characters Are Worthy Of A Spin-Off Novel?

After we get all the screaming and excitement out of the way for the fact Stephenie Meyer announced she was releasing a new book, let's get down to business. Even though that novella has yet to be released, we want more, more, more! Stephenie announced in the past that she might work on spin-off novels, and now we know, thanks to a post on her site today, she was working on Bree Tanner's story during the editing of "Eclipse."

At the time, people jumped to name fan favorites Alice Cullen, Leah Clearwater, Riley and Renesmee as the characters worthy of telling their own story. But, after the jump, we've named some other options for spin-offs that we deem far more worthy (and interesting).

Jasper Hale

Sure, we get his back story in "Eclipse," but the man is the most tortured of all (yes, Edward, all) of the Cullen clan. Not only does he have the hardest time controlling his need for human blood, but we also are dying to read from his perspective how it feels to want to kill Bella every time she walks into the room without unconditional love holding him back. It would also be fun to see where he and Alice run off to at the end of "Breaking Dawn" from his perspective, because that was one of the biggest WTF?! moments of the series.


The Volturi only actually pop into the story a couple of times during the course of the "Saga," but those few times are some of our favorites. We'd love to see the shenanigans the Volturi get themselves into over in Italy from their perspective, plus how they feel when they see the Edward/Bella dynamic for the first time. Plus it gives Dakota Fanning a chance to star in her own spin-off movie.

Jessica Stanley

We didn't really start loving Jessica's character until we saw Anna Kendrick's portrayal of her in the films, but OME if she isn't one of our favorite parts of the movies. Maybe Anna should be the one to pen this spin-off to incorporate some of her signature snark, but we would love to see Bella's story through one of the humans' point of view. Because, for anyone on the outside who doesn't know something supernatural is going on, that has got to be one of the weirdest love stories to watch play out ever.

Quil Ateara

Except for the fact Jacob was miserable during the second section of "Breaking Dawn," we liked how the story was told from a werewolf perspective. Though Quil might seem like the most uninteresting of the Quileute tribe at first glance, that's kind of the point. Bella and Bree are both pretty bland on the surface, but that makes it easier for the reader to take up that consciousness on their own. Plus, Quil was one of the last to become a werewolf and isn't bogged down with daddy drama like Seth and Leah Clearwater, which makes it easier to read his story and understand.

Carlisle Cullen

This wouldn't be a spin-off, this would be an epic. Carlisle has one of the coolest storylines in the book, and it stretches back for a really long time. Some of his storyline is told in the novels, but we have no issue reading 2,000 pages to see it all from his perspective. For some crazy reason, we don't think you fans would have an issue either.

Which "Twilight Saga" characters would you love to see get the spin-off treatment, take our poll below!

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