Liam Hemsworth Says He Didn't Know 'How Big A Star' Miley Cyrus Was Pre-'Last Song'

It's no secret that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus fell in love while filming "The Last Song" in Georgia last summer. Though, Liam admits that he didn't actually realize the scope of his costar's celebrity until he met her for the first time.

"I think she’s huge all over the world — I just didn’t realize how big she was until I met her and until I experienced the crazy fans who are always around her," he told MTV News about his love interest. "It’s a big shock to see someone so big like that and see what her life is like."

He admits that when he first read for the part of Will, the chemistry with Miley was pretty instantaneous. "I came in and read with her — I didn’t know how big a star she was, so I had no preconceived ideas as to what she’d be like or any kind of angst about it," he explained. "It was good. We came in, and we read and we had great chemistry."

Liam added that the pair had a really, really fun time shooting together. "She’s so professional and so down to earth, you know you can think a lot of things about what a person of her status is going to be like, but nothing but good things — [she's] so easy to work with and we really did enjoy the time we had together."

So, is he nervous to have people see him and Miley on-screen together considering that are really dating? "Not really," he confessed. "I’m really proud of the movie and I hope people enjoy it."

Are you planning to see "The Last Song" tomorrow or this weekend?