Katy Perry On Wedding Planning With Russell Brand: 'He's A Total Bridezilla'

By Dana Kasser

Bridezilla alert! Be on the lookout for one tall, thin, brunette soon to be heading down the isle. Hailing all the way from across the pond, this British celeb may not be on the top of the list for most-likely-to-be-a-bridezilla, however according to fiancée, Katy Perry, that is precisely what Russell Brand has become.

Before she was slimed at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Sunday, Katy spoke with MTV News about Russell’s involvement in the couples’ wedding planning, “He’s a total bridezilla. He’s like a freak, man…you should see — he’s always, like, buying bride magazines. Every time we go out for breakfast he’s like, ‘Can we just stop and get a bride magazine?’"

Katy, whom has been engaged to Russell since December, has had her hands full and not just with green slime, “Well, I have to plan my [new album, due this summer] first and then I’m going to get my wedding,” Katy told MTV News, “But I’m really excited about that, too.”

So should we expect to find the bridezilla that is Russell in a white dress and veil come wedding day? You never know what to except from the same man who told MTV News on the Pre-Grammy Gala Red Carpet, “I was briefly pregnant, but when it was born it was such a horrible little thing we left it in a parking lot... Let it fend for himself!”

Can you see Russell being a "bridezilla"?