Miley Cyrus Had To Learn To Play The Piano For 'The Last Song'

Miley Cyrus may not have found it easy to play Liam Hemsworth's love interest in "The Last Song" (then again, who couldn't?), opening on Wednesday. But, the singer-actress actually did find one thing very challenging when it came to playing Ronnie, a feisty teen sent to spend the summer with her estranged dad (Greg Kinnear): learning to play the classical piano so that her music prodigy character would look authentic.

"The piano was hard. I would get nervous — I was like — am I doing it the way you are supposed to?" she told MTV News at the junket for the new Nicholas Sparks-penned romantic drama.

"I had to be classically trained as well," she continued. "Sitting up straight, and your wrists have to be a certain way and you have to look comfortable and look like you could be accepted into Juliard, the way that Ronnie was supposed to."

So now that she's properly learned how to tickle the ivory, does she have any plans to incorporate that newly discovered musical ability into her own work? "Definitely. I have done a few songs that are piano based on my record," she explained. "I will continue to do lessons."