Robert Pattinson's Wax Figure Greets Screaming Fans At Madame Tussauds NYC!

By Jake Shore

How could it be that such entertainment giants as Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt and P. Diddy are all together in one place, and all being outshined by one star, Robert Pattinson? While fans of the British actor would argue it’s because of box office smash films like "New Moon", it may have a bit more to do with each of them being made of wax. Earlier today, Rob's figure was finally unveiled.

MTV News was on the scene as the historical moment unfolded, and we can report that Robert’s recently-made immortal figure provoked many screams and yells from the hordes of fans waiting outside Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Times Square bright and early (yup, one got there at 4 a.m.!) When given a chance to stand beside fake Rob, they acted exactly as we'd imagine they would next to real Rob — with laughter, kisses, shrieks and hugs. There were also plenty of hands running through his soft hair.

The figure looks a hell of a lot like Rpattz — excluding, you know, the breathing. He's wearing Rob's subtle scruff with black pants, a dark jacket, a black button-up and white v-neck T-shirt.

The reaction from museum visitors was overwhelmingly positive — one in particular said fake Rob wasn't "as close to the real thing," but deemed him "good for wax." She also admitted she hugged the figure. "I didn't really want to attack him because he looked too perfect, so I gave him a hug just to be really gentle with him."

We should all give Madame Tussauds a giant thank you for giving all of us a more realistic (and cheaper!) alternative to tracking the heartthrob's actual whereabouts!

Want to see more from the unveiling of Rob's waxy alter-ego? Press play below!

How do you think Rob's figure compares to the real Rob? Are you planning to travel to NYC to get your picture with it?